《Covid Lifestyle》


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        《Covid Lifestyle》 is an educational game about how our lives change and what should we do in daily life while Covid-19 is so crazy in the world. This kind of new lifestyle I call it “Covid Lifestyle”.

        There are 3 scenes for the current version(elevator, restaurant, metro). These scenes are the place which we people should pay attention to during these days.

        I hope this game can let people pay more attention to daily hygiene management.

        Let’s see if you have sufficient awareness of epidemic prevention!

        《Covid Lifestyle》是一個教育類的小遊戲。顧名思義,遊戲以新冠肺炎下的生活模式作為主題,告訴人們在疫情之下,我們的生活發生了甚麼變化、我們在日常生活中應該注意甚麼——也就是「Covid Lifestyle」的含義。

        遊戲流程有三個關卡,都是一些人們在這些日子裡應該注意的場景,分別是電梯、餐廳和地鐵。遊戲的設計受《讀空氣》所啟發,因此遊戲方式也是在一定時間限制內,做出當前場景中最合適的選擇。 你也可以挑戰一下自己,看看自己在疫情下是否有足夠的衛生意識。