【Global Game Jam 2022】《Super NS Ball》


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遊戲介紹(What is this game?)  

      《Super NS Ball》是我們小組「undefinedZero」在Global GameJam 2022裡,以Duality為題完成的一款快速反應 + 解謎(路線規劃)的遊戲demo。 在遊戲中,玩家本身不能自由移動,只能通過改變自身的磁性以及世界的引力方向(水平/垂直)進行移動。 好好掌握移動的NS球的訣竅,打通所有關卡吧!

        You are a “Super NS Ball”, you move without your ArrowKey, but based on the environment and your self magnetic. When you are Red(N), you move to the Red Wall; When you are Blue(S), you move to the Blue Wall. There is only a horizontal or vertical direction you can move to. “D” for changing yourself magnetic. “F” for changing the World Horizontal or Vertical Direction Try To Get Goal and Beat every stage we designed!

        This Game is Crafted in Global Game Jam 2022, presented by team “undefinedZero Studio”

遊戲玩法(How to Play?)

  • 改變自身磁性(Change Self Magnetic):D
  • 改變場地磁向(Change World Magnetic Direction):F


  • (組名)Team Name :
    • undefinedZero
  • (成員)Team Members :
    • (策劃)Designer: RFON, Sunihawk
    • (程序)Programmer: LoneliNerd, RulerScourt
    • (美術)Artist: RiceCard, Sunihawk

我的主要負責部分(My Main Duty)

  • 遊戲流程邏輯(Game Process Logic)
  • 核心玩法實現(玩家受磁性驅動)(”Magnetic” Logic)
  • 角色動畫(Animation)
  • 場景元素(陷阱、敵人、終點)邏輯(Scene Elements Logic(Trap/Enemy/Goal))
  • UI邏輯