【UGDAP大學生遊戲開發實訓2021】《Endless End》


遊戲介紹(What is this game?)  

      《Endless End》是我們小組「德瑪納炒蛋」在「中國大學生遊戲開發聯盟(UGDAP)」聯合上海交通大學舉辦的2021年大學生遊戲開發實訓裡,完成的一款2D像素風格的劇情類平台解謎遊戲demo。玩家最主要的目標是離開深淵,一方面找到通過障礙的方法向最上層移動,一方面在逃離的過程中找到主角身處該深淵的緣由以及隱藏在背後的故事。


  1. 玩家在同一個位置上的表裡世界中,所看到的景象是不一樣的,而裡世界往往會給予玩家解決表世界謎題、了解背景故事的線索。
  2. 玩家在裡世界時,可以穿過大部分的障礙物。
  3. 大部分的機關需要玩家回到表世界才可以進行互動。


        《Endless End》is a 2D pixel platform puzzle game created by our team “Demain Scrambled Eggs” during UGDAP Game Design Boot Camp 2021. Players’ target is to leave the abyss by solving puzzles and passing obstacles on every stair. Within this process, players’ should find out the story behind the whole game.

        Enter/Exit Alternate World by Vision Changing Ability is the core system for players solving puzzles and reach the goal.

  1. What Players can see at the same position in different worlds is different. Alternate World provides evidence of story and puzzle to players.
  2. Players can pass through most of the obstacles in the Alternate World.
  3. Most of the machines require players in Normal World.

        After passing through obstacles in every stair, players can finally get out from the abyss. Currently, this demo designed the first level and story.

遊戲玩法(How to Play?)

  • 移動/攀爬(Move/Climb ): WASD
  • 視界切換(Change Vision):E
  • 互動(Interaction):F
  • 背包(Knapsack):Tab
  • 日志(Log):Q
  • 菜單(Menu):Esc


  • (組名)Team Name :
    • 德瑪納炒蛋
  • (成員)Team Members :
    • (策劃)Designer: Patrick
    • (策劃)Designer: 地名好難
    • (策劃)Designer: Chemtrai
    • (主美術)Main Artist: 剛睡醒的烏鴉
    • (美術)Artist: 劉匯
    • (主程序)Main Programmer: LoneliNerd
    • (程序)Programmer: 空城

我的負責部分(My Duty)

  •  遊戲邏輯(Game Logic)
    • 角色控制(Character Control)
    • 環境交互(Environment Interactions)
    • 收集物(Collectables)
    • 機關(Machines)
  • 動畫(Animations)
  • UI(UI)
  • 系統(Systems)
    • 對話(Dialog)
    • 背包(Knapsack)
    • 日志(Diary)
    • 菜單(Menu)
  • 存/讀檔(Save/Load)



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